Thursday, 15 June 2017

Handmade DOKRA Necklaces use by Modern woman likes to dawn trendy jewelry pieces

Handmade Dokra Necklace sets are made of materials like clay, wood bark and leaves.  Almost all colour necklace sets can be found in Dokra Necklace set range. 

Due to such variety of colours available, Dokra Necklace are a popular choice among ladies who like to wear earrings matching with their dress colour.

Dokra Jewellery is extremely high in creativity. The art of Dokra Jewellery making is passed down from generations to generations. 

The designs made are truly enchanting. Themes inspired by nature, mythology and folk tales are used in the designing of Dokra Jewellery. Motifs of gods and goddesses and floral shapes and patterns can be seen on Dokra Jewellery pieces.

Handmade Dokra Jewellery making is one of those quintessential art forms of Indian culture that receive high regard in the foreign countries. 

Every year many pieces of Handmade Dokra Jewellery are exported to exclusive outlets across the globe. The tantalizing designs and themes of Dokra Jewellery make them extremely popular among fashionable women. They are ideal for gifting purposes. 

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