Thursday, 1 September 2016

Handmade DOKRA Necklace sets has always been extremely fascinating

Dokra jewellery manufacturing is an ancient Indian jewellery making art form. It is hailed all over the world for its intricate and delicate carvings and designs. The earliest known dokra artefact is of a dancing girl carved in the ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro.  Although, various Indian crafts and art products can be seen in the markets, Handmade Dokra Jewellery pieces hold special importance. They are delicately made by tribals and artisans residing in the states of West Bengal, under Manmayee Handicrafts Exporters roof. Dokra Jewellery is categorized under brass jewellery as it is made of molten metal. Handmade Dokra Jewellery exporters are enjoying huge profits in the global jewellery market.

High in creativity- Dokra Jewellery is extremely high in creativity. The art of Dokra Jewellery making is passed down from generations to generations. The designs made are truly enchanting. Themes inspired by nature, mythology and folk tales are used in the designing of Dokra Jewellery. Motifs of gods and goddesses and floral shapes and patterns can be seen on Dokra Jewellery pieces.

Combination of materials- Dokra Jewellery is made of molten metal. Various other materials are used in combination with dokra metal. Beads, colourful glass pieces, wooden balls are common materials used in dokra jewellery which provide it an ethnic and exotic appearance. Gem stones and semi-precious stones are also embedded into jewellery pieces to raise the glamour quotient. 

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