Sunday, 2 April 2017

Dokra Tribal Necklace Harappa Collection Launched

DOKRA Harappa Collection is completely handmade. There is no machinery procedure involved in their manufacturing. It is made out of decomposable materials and can be disposed off, if not required. Thus, it causes no harm to the environment.

One of the most popular jewellery accessories is the necklace. Many people think that traditionally necklaces have always been made of precious metals like gold and silver. 

But this is not actually true. The earliest settlers of Indian Harappa civilization used materials like Metal, clay, wood and leaves for making jewellery. Today it is called Handmade Dokra Harappa Necklace. 

Dokra Harappa Collection is extremely high in creativity. The art of Dokra Harappa making is passed down from generations to generations. The designs made are truly enchanting. 

Themes inspired by nature, mythology and folk tales are used in the designing of Dokra Harappa Jewellery. Motifs of gods and goddesses and floral shapes and patterns can be seen on Dokra Jewellery pieces.

For any Purchase inquiry or more designs feel free to call or WHATSAPP on +91 983 6416 148.
Resellers, Wholesalers and Retailers are Welcome. 

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